The Pokémon TCG Subreddit just Banned Feet Pics

The hostess and co-leaders were forced to ban the Pokemon TCG subreddit by a wave of interesting photos flooding the community.

The series of footshots began with a now-deleted post where someone shared photos of a miscut card with their feet suspiciously in the background. Another user got frustrated with the trend and started posting their own posts.

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One day later, we went to a more apologizing event. Those moderators then took photos of the floor and put a blanket banner on the subreddit. In a post announcing the ban, Devperez said that “the game is just a little too far for a Pokemon TCG community” and that anyone who intentionally posted feet will be banned. Some of the most bizarre photo shoots have been removed but some postings are still being posted.

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The decision to ban feet pics split the community. There are people who are disgusted by these photos and many posts to stop trying, but others mocked it. There were many oblique references to the ban, such as the new subreddits of suggestions exclusively for Pokemon-themed feet.

Of course there were those who took the chance to criticize the subreddit’s moderation team. Some argue that Reddit’s putting the public down and voting tools were designed to highlight what the community wants. And banning something popular would violate this ethos. Others claimed feet were the least offensive and offensive thing on the subreddit dedicated to sharing and celebrating hordes of cards amid ongoing supply issues. As user Twofu_ noted, “jokes like this get banned, but there are obvious resell reasons for people posting sealed items’ of a recent collection found in the basement”.

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The new TCG expansion “Sword & Shield: Brilliant Stars” expansion with the thoughts of the last few people on Aside from the Ban. As for the verruca of the disappearance and the untreated athlete’s foot, then maybe the community can afford to see it all again with a whole new life.

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