The Pokemon TCG’s Next Expansion Is Astroradiance, With Hisuian Pokemon

After a long time of operation, The Pokemon Company has officially confirmed that the Pokemon Trading Card Game’s next expansion will be Sword & Shield: Astral Radiance.

The expanded game will depend on the Pokemon Legends: Arceus recently released, and will include Hisui region and his Hisuian Pokémon. The set is essentially focused on Hisui myths and legends, with Dialga, Palkia, Arceus and Darkrai all prominently listed on its packaging.

Pokemon TCG art ever created.

From the Brilliant Stars, Astral Radiance will introduce a whopping 8 new VSTAR Pokemon, which is more than likely their debut expansion. The new part of the game will be introducing Radiant Pokemon, which is a new treatment of Shiny Pokemon with etched-foil art that has powerful attacks or abilities.

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Unlike VSTAR’s unique abilities, a Radiant Pokemon can only use your powerful attacks. Radiant Pokemon will be making it based on the expansion of the Japanese sets based on Space Juggler and Time Gazer.

On the other hand, a return from Brilliant Stars is its excellent trainer gallery. The Trainer Gallery is a subset of cards that showcase Pokemon and their iconic trainers, and they were easily the highlight of Brilliant Stars’ outstanding art. Like Brilliant Stars, There Will Be 30 Trainer Gallery cards in total, but all of them will be expanded in rarer.

If you’re a fan of VMAX Pokemon, Astral Radiance might be a disaster, because it’s the only two introducing new VMAX Pokemon. VMAX became the central mechanic of the Sword & Shield series, but the moving Galar to Hisui and the eagerly anticipated new Scarlet and Violet era, we’ll see much less cards this year.

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The Pokemon TCG: Sword & Shield Astral Radiance will be in operation May 27, with an array of booster packs, booster boxes and Elite Trainer Bundles. A free Pokemon Center-exclusive Elite Trainer Box is also available for purchase at the Pokemon Center website.

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