The top sports and competition beat EDG, LPL with Keep Going Up

Top Esports beaten 2-1 in his late midseason run on the LPL. Instead of an abysmal start, TES managed to improve LPL rankings, and extended a 4-game winning streak shortly after the end of the season.

As for EDG, two defeats from former champions suffered. Though it’s still a heavy favorite for the postseason, EDG have plenty of time to improve their regular season.

Game one was a series of TES take-offs for a decisive win. While the EDG focused on their opponents’ back lane early in the game, TES Mark and Jacquelove nearly stormed the storm and their team for a marginal gold advantage. The young midlandsman, however, was arguably the biggest threat on the map, finding flanking angles on Vex, which facilitated many of TES’s biggest plays and pushes.

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After an 11 minutes, TES could collapse the base and end the game. TES helped the defending champions do their best, edging the first-highest stage of the competition.

When in Game Two, there was another one-sided game, this time in favor of EDG. Five seconds over 8 gave the eDG a lead which they could go on and on for the second half of their five-minute win. A day later, the EDG had already received a 12-kill lead and a 7,000 gold advantage. As soon as TES Nexus exploded, EDG ballooned this decisive gold lead to over 10,000.

In almost all of the play, EDG came to the end of the last game of the series. Even though the Knights fought a strong team and went out on the Vex, mopping early skirmishes by EDG managed lead.

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After the elusive Aphelios ultimate, which looks to be tipped in EDGs favor, the reigning champions flopped at the final hurdle, the baron. The TES reached the capital priority and used the Baron to springboard to win a winning team fight spearheaded by the Knights. Soon after the end of the game TES revoked the final minutes of the game, so it could pull out the game’s EDG.

TES demonstrated a series of extraordinary resilience. Due to a strong gold deficit, TES managed to find its own win-win situation with opportunistic engagements and decisive plays. Now in the middle of the pack, TES will be the next challenge to come from third-place LNG.

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