There’s a great pokxc3xa9mon News Showcase on Sunday, and hopefully we’ll see Arceus

Video: Nintendo.

Pokemon Company is hosting a showcase on its YouTube channel this Sunday, February 27th, the holy occasion called Pokemon Day all around the world. As for the 14-minute video camera camera cover, the company has got to admit that the video will be very useful for some new information about the latest Pokemon game in the series, Januarys Pokemon Legends: Arceus.

This is probably the first blockbuster of the year (with regards to Rainbow Six Extraction), Pokemon Legends: Arceus breaks the mold of what we’ve been waiting for in the past 25 years. If you don’t like the standard monsters, visit town, tell the monster to beat the gym leader, it’s as simple as a game adapted to monsters. Pocket Monsters were, yknow, actually monsters when it came to the past of the Hisui region. (Do Not Bother: In the Modern Period, Hisui is now Sinnoh, where the Pokemon Goldene and Pearl, slated for remakes last year, have been played. the series.

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Pokemon Company has drew out a Drip feed of news relating to its games in celebration of Pokemon Day. Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl recently received the Colosseum feature, and the mobile game Pokemon Unite kicked off on a holiday-themed event Sunday, adding Hoopa to the game. Something about Legends was mentioned: Arceus, the world’s largest and most advanced Pokemon game, has become his mum. Pokemon Day is a day, may I?

Pokemon Legends in a Hidden Room: Arceus, a Nintendo Switch console of assets, suggesting that a move to a modern day Sinnoh could be made up to date. For a game based on a god creature which can be distorted space-time, something even far-fetched DLC would be possible.

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