These Elden Ring group passwords can give you an easy Rune buff

It’s free real estate!

It feels really nice to get a spontaneous health top-up Elden Ring When one of your messages is appraised, but did you know you can cash in on group passwords, too? It’s an easily overlooked feature for players who are more solo-minded, so here’s a quick PSA, inspired by VaatiVidya’s recent breakdown of Essential game discoveriesGeneral Chat Chat Lounge

As Vaati explains, you can earn A five percent Rune buff Whenever someone in your collective takes out a shardbearer boss. The best part is that it’s all asynchronous – you don’t need to do anything other than type in a group password – and you can go up to five groups at once. It’s a nice feature for playing with (or at least near) your close friends, but it also scales way up if you hitch a ride with a popular online community.

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After the popping open the menu and select Multiplayeryou can press Triangle on PS4 / PS5 to change your password Settings – from here, you can enter a Multiplayer Password or a Group PasswordGeneral Chat Chat Lounge The latter is your ticket to scoring more Runes.

There are five slots to fill out, though you can do as few as you like.

In this example screenshot, I’ve got five Elden Ring group passwords:

Before I could even finish all five entries, my Rune buff was already active. Here’s the status icon (it looks just like the one Gold-Pickled Fowl Foot with an up arrow):

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You ‘ll also notice that your character has a golden glow while the effect is active.

It’s not worth noting that while group passwords will only need to be typed once (and you can change or remove them without any penalty or restriction), they will not carry from one character to the next; If you’ve got a bunch of alt characters, you’ll need to fill out the passwords again for each individual tarnished.

This is probably something I should’ve looked into before finishing Elden Ring, but I guess that ‘s what subsequent playthroughs are for! I’ve been dominating the living-room TV with this game, so I should be cool for the time being. (The keyword is “should.”)

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For further Rune farming, check out this late-game guide.

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