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These two Elden Ring players are perfectly in sync, and it’s worth a watch

Elden Ring players

The dynamic duo

If you long for a buddy to play Souls-like games with, you can live vicariously through this duo-centric Elden Ring players video. Although it was shared a little while ago (by Florxda on Reddit), a reader recently turned on me and I just had to highlight it.

For 22 glorious seconds, you get to see two Elden Ring Players gloriously in sync. They even initiate the encounter at the same time, jump back to react to the first move, and hit them with a dual visceral attack. The matching gear really just makes it. I’ve had a lot of great nail-biting and crushing (for the enemy side) co-op runs with friends and strangers but nothing quite like this! We all deserve a co-op buddy like the one Florxda has by their side.

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It’s strange, but every time I see an armor set and weapon combo from someone in an Elden Ring video, it makes me want to go emulate it. I have … basically everything, so I’m just a respec away from having that playstyle in the palm of my hand. Dark Souls 3 was probably my most “customizable,” especially in terms of the wide array of armor sets. I went back and played it right after clearing Elden RingGeneral Chat Chat Lounge

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