This company uses AI to detect players inputs and detect bots, boosters, cheaters and smurfs like Valorant, Go to Goals and traditional anti-cheat scenarios like Riot Vanguard

A AI developer completed a test which tracked around 30 Valorants players to help in competitive cheating.

Anybrain, in Portugal, will continue to provide services to the game and esports clubs in July 2021, with the following investments being Trust Esport, Hovione Capital and Eggnet Capital.

It recently worked with the Swedish mobile game maker G-Loot to identify cheating players, and said it has integrated 20+ other games into its AI technology to integrate plans into Valorant. It wants to use its technology to better detect bots, elo boosters, cheaters, scripters, smurfs, aimbots and more.

Anybrain has helped tournament organizers such as Freaks4U for the CSGO League, and also stepped up his AI capability and the Triple-A process, which was recently announced.

Freaks4U of course runs the National League of Legends for the UK and the Nordics.

What did the anti-cheat Valorant test pass show?

  • 28583 players who are a high-level player on the G-Loot platform tracked between September 1st and December 16th 2021.
  • Anybrain says that two 426 frauds were reported on the platform and manual reports were made in a manual report.
  • There were seven23 user groups, meaning that one number of players enrolled in more than one account.
  • 386 players were banned (six percent of allman and fifty from manual reports, the rest could continue playing because of what G-Loot accepts as cheating or not) or robberies.
  • Anybrain claimed there was 100% success in bots detection and bans (37 users) on top of Vanguard, which is Riots own anti-cheat system for Valorant.
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Anybrain said that only 3% of players flagged by its AI tech are instantly banned by its customers, without complaints or backfire. G-Loot Rules and Guidelines Within Relevant Issues for Further Data or Investigation.

Peter Edenberg, lead at G-Loots, said: We all know cheating is a big problem and any tool that has a Gb-Loots is a more serious way to take control of the situation.

Long-term, G-Loot and Anybrain are all about esports together in leading the discussion. It’s good enough for players to cheer for their sponsors when it comes to trying.

For the marketing giant, G-Loot added: Running competitions are a lot of people involved with everybody. Fair play is a very important and sensible topic. For G-Loot, it is an absolute priority to ensure that all users on our platform feel safe while competing. Cheaters can’t just ruin the game by another player, but it affects everything in the sports arena.

Since the time of December 10th, G-Loot has expanded into the following titles: Apex Legends, CSGO, Rocket League and League of Legends, where dota 2 and PUBG will also be followed.

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G-Loot and Anybrain will lead the cheating inside of the debate. This is a lot of game publishers, sponsor companies and users need to cheat if they collaborate for more time.

How about anybody talking about technology?

Anybrain has created an advanced behavioral analysis of monitors based on their player’s signature, a fingerprint, and interaction data and behavioral biometrics.

The metric measures are carried out in an interactive manner: keyboard and mouse play dynamics, and touch data and a computer interaction method. This technique uses machine learning algorithms that can learn from the game and the player. These algorithms can also learn from the game, and understand the game and play, and reshape with the exception of any uncharacteristic language.

Any common hack (such as a target, a macro, or a bot), can harm the game’s unique signature and allow anybrain to detect if it’s possible. Anybrain promises 99.9% accuracy when detecting highs and smurfing and 100% accuracy against bots.

Anybody says: Aimbots do all the shooting for you, and measure less pixel-by-pixels, add extra weight and then the other 75.

Every gamer can get three hours for a baseline to choose from. After that, the behavioral analysis can begin. The telecommunications specialist learns and adapts to the context alone. As it is only required for interaction data (no gameplay data, if you are a result of this), our tech has been able to understand for less than two hours if its an FPS, MOBA, RTS etc.

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The most current anti-cheat solutions focus on how players interact with it rather than what’s installed. Consequently, video games on catching cheaters are a game of dog and mouse; The industry is constantly pursuing persistent and creative hackers. Our player provides a behavioral driven approach and an efficient and aggressive solution to cheating in online games.

The company says its mission is to protect gamers from abusive behavior such as cheats and frauds, and for the sake of giving players the right opportunity to join esports games.

Anybrain says its game and platform agnostic tech runs without affecting your game or device performance, and it takes two days to implement the technology into a game or platform.

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