This is how astronauts travel through deserts to prepare for the first missions on Mars


Would you like to be part of a colony on Mars in the future? Now you can experience what it would feel like with bases like the one in the Utah desert.

Many years have been talking about the deterioration of the Earth and the possible extinction of humanity. It won’t happen in 50 years, or even in 500 years, but a serious problem related to climate change is taking place. It is possible that our Planet, one day, ceases to be habitable. For this reason, NASA and many other organizations are developing all kinds of programs to see where we could continue living with full guarantees in the future.

Without a doubt, all eyes are on Mars. Its proximity to Earth makes it stand as a key location when thinking about a potential colonization. For this reason, there are programs that aim to copy some of the characteristics that are present on the so-called Red Planet. Among the issues that should be highlighted, the climate present there is especially striking. Would it be possible to establish a colony there?

There are some ten or so bases that are already operating throughout the length and breadth of our globe. The vast majority of them, in order to copy the conditions present on MarsThey are located in the desert. In this way, in addition to being able to imitate the orography that we would find there, other qualities can be felt, such as the temperature or, simply, the humidity present in these ecosystems.

Let’s see, therefore, what kind of tasks are carried out in these locations, why they can be used to understand how lucky that we human beings share space on Earth and, of course, what we would find if we had to live on Mars for a while. These are experiences that stand out, above all, for having strong growth. More and more people are willing to go through this kind of camps.

Bases in the desert to copy the way of life that would be on Mars

Can you imagine being able to live on Mars for a while? This is just what it brings us a set of experiences available in multiple countries. One of the most famous locations is in the Utah Desert, a place where you can enjoy an unforgettable stay. In these types of experiences there are no privileges. Each of the participants knows that he is going to this place to experience what he would find if he were in a base on Mars.

The Mars Desert Research Station in Hanksville offers an experience of a Mars experience. Every Eye

Who said that the colonization of a new Planet was going to be easy? In this type of room, the ‘astronauts’ are aware that only are safe inside the base. Therefore, if they go outside the perimeter that as a base, they must do so with the corresponding protective suit and, of course, with the diving suit to be able to breathe. Only in this way can you experience what life would be like, at least during the first years, in a territory like the Martian.

In addition, the candidates chosen for the development of this type of experience must ration food and water, since these are very scarce resources. It is also essential to carry out certain plantations, which must be treated with care, since it is the sustenance of the crew. Only in this way can life be guaranteed under extreme conditions of need. Worth? Certainly, what we have today is much more valued.

An experience as similar as possible to what we would find on Mars

It should also be noted that each of the missions carried out brings together a team of people, so it is essential to develop social skills and skills related to group awareness. It could be said that it is a kind of survival camp. According to the CSMonitor portal, contests have been held to see who managed to shower faster to save water. The result? 23 seconds.

Tasks like waste recycling can be vitally important, since it is possible to give a secondary use to what, under normal conditions, would be discarded. Under this premise, it is possible to obtain a better management of the available products, which are, as has been said before, very limited. Well, what use are these types of programs? As you well know, the human being is capable of reacting in a very original way to extreme situations.

This type of experience can be used by NASA and other specialized entities to detect possible behaviors that help improve the conditions present on Mars. It has been possible to verify how the use of the bulk formula can be more effective than the disposal of smaller containers and with a greater amount of plastic. Without a doubt, these experiments will serve so that the possible colony on Mars can be a success in the future.

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