This is the new Nokia laboratory for 5G cybersecurity: it will fight to protect us against scams


It is the first center of its kind in the US, which will strive to improve security in virtual environments.

The dizzying pace at which technology has advanced in recent decades has not only left good things. There are more and more ways to gain control of devices, and despite the efforts of companies, there is always a hacker who finds the weak point. Big companies are not spared, and multi-million dollar firms they have had to cease their activity momentarily because of a person roguish and clever enough to take control of their systems.

Nokia’s new Advanced Security Testing and Research center will try to design new processes to strengthen all types of platforms against computer attacks

Meta, Google and other big companies try to alleviate security problems with new technologies and privacy policies, but there is another company that goes further. We are talking about Nokia, the legendary telephone brand that now it is also a pioneer in cybersecurity with its Advanced Security Testing and Research (ASTaR) center In the USA.

A center to try to shield the security of our devices

As Nishant Batra, head of strategy and technology at Nokia, explained in a statement, his mission is learning to avoid and suffocate all kinds of attacks through the internet.

“To demonstrate our leadership and commitment to security, Nokia will be the first company to open a laboratory in the United States with the singular mission of identifying and preventing cybersecurity. The ASTaR lab will be an ideal testing ground for evaluating security in the broader context of network use and abuse scenarios.”

In this center, Nokia intends to carry out research work on the cybersecurity in 5G environments, and wants to share the information with operators, companies and government bodies. In addition, the company will collaborate with different technology brands to test hacking scenarios and identify the different weak points in their systems.

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There are no names on the table yet, but it seems that Nokia will work with large firms to test their different security strategies and work on improving them. As we have already mentioned before, no one is exempt from technological advances for better or for worse, so no brand is invulnerable to a computer attack. Perhaps this center will become a meeting point where the security of digital platforms can be put to the test.

A priori, the institution will function as a research and development center. Has many cybersecurity specialists on staff, who will be working together on real cases. Then, once the vulnerable patterns are identified, they will work on a method to quell them so they don’t happen again in the future.

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