This mouse has a withing offer on Amazon and you also get an antivirus as a gift


A double offer of hardware and software that offers you a precise mouse for gaming and all the protection you need on the internet.

There are two curiosities in this offer. The first is that it is not usual to see hardware + software packs subject to the same offerand the second is that it just so happens that It is the mouse that I use in my day to day.

This Roccat Burst Pro mouse is on sale and includes

This offer pack includes the Roccat Burst Pro mouse and the Norton 360 for Gamers antivirus comes as a gift, ideal for keeping your computer safe and valued at 29.99 euros. The Roccat Burst Pro mouse pack and Norton antivirus only cost you 39.99 euros on Amazon.

The Roccat Burst Pro mouse is a perfect option if you want a reliable and precise mouse at a fair price. It has two programmable buttons on the sides and a DPI button under the mouse wheel. You can set the mouse speed through the Roccat Swarm app, which is also very easy to use. The cable really surprised me as it looks more like a shoelace than a cable. You can bend, fold and move it as you like to fit your desk.

Buy the Roccat Burst Pro mouse on sale and get a free antivirus

The mouse has an ergonomic and translucent design. The RGB lighting that equips the PRO version can be configured from the Swarm app itself and will illuminate the base of the mouse (and the wheel) with the colors you want. If you turn off the lighting, the finish is mostly opaque. In my case, I chose the white color, but the one in the offer is finished in black. I have been using this product for more than two months and I am very happy with the results it is giving.

I have been using the mouse daily for more than two months and I have been surprised by its good performance

To close the offer, this pack includes an annual subscription to Norton 360 for Gamers antivirus. It is a service that protects you at all times on the internet, providing you with a secure VPN connection and scanning the web for any personal information or privacy threats. It is also gamer-oriented and will allow you to connect to any community or online game without the risk of being hacked. You can activate the antivirus on three different devices.

You can get this pack of Roccat Burst Pro mouse and Norton antivirus for only 39.9 euros on Amazon. Taking into account that the antivirus itself already costs 29.99 euros, get it for free by buying the mouse It is a great opportunity to protect your equipment.

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