Three Reasons to Try ONLYOFFICE Today

Many people assume that the capability to create documents, spreadsheets, presentations and fillable forms is built into Windows, Android and other operating systems. But that’s not the case, unless you count Windows WordPad as a basic word processor. And it won’t help you with spreadsheets or presentations. You must download software for work. It may be Microsoft Office’s best-known suite, but there are many other options to choose from: even free!

Only anOFFICE is free.

Alternatively, you can use ONLYOFFICE for free.

And that’s the first reason to try: it won’t cost you anything. The second reason is familiarity. Even if you have spent years using Word, Excel, or PowerPoint, onlyOFFICEs switch between your own hands.

In fact, since ONLYOFFICE does tabs, like web pages in a browser, it’s even easier to switch between, say, a spreadsheet and a presentation. It is contained in a single app. Instead of having one app for each type of document you have with Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

OnlyOFFICE lets you create, edit, and collaborate on fillable forms – along with standard office apps. OnlyOFFICE forms vary from what you’re able to find in Adobe Forms or Google Forms. They are very similar to Microsoft Word content controls and allow you to produce PDF file-based documents using the Document Editor. Currently ONLYOFFICE is not supported text fields, radio buttons, images, combo boxes, checkboxes and drop-down lists. No fewer items are available online. For example, a fillable PDF file with those who do not have only limited items.

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As you’d expect, because every office suite only doesOFFICE fully compatible with Microsoft Office. This means that you can create and share documents, spreadsheets and presentations in ONLYOFFICE and share them with others who can view and edit them in Microsoft Office. It supports all formats in OpenDocument, such as spreadsheets, presentations and documents.


That’s the third reason to use ONLYOFFICE. No, this is the reason that cooperation is necessary. ONLYOFFICE was built from the ground up to be used by groups of people where multiple people work together in a document, a spreadsheet, a presentation and a fillable form. The essential features of a whole series are Automated and Asymmetric, such as AutoSave, Version History, Version Control, Tracking, Commenting, User Tagging, Chatting and Two Co-Editing Modes, Fast and Strict.

This is a great office suite for anyone looking for a great choice. The word “Online” is an important distinction here, because we heard about ONLYOFFICEDocs here. That means you can easily access the web through a browser such as Google Docs or Microsoft Office Online, rather than using mobile apps for Windows, MacOS or Linux.

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If you wish to collaborate, you must choose between two main users’ cloud services; Instead, ONLYOFFICE’s own services (which provide twoGB of free storage per user) and Nextcloud, ownCloud, Seafile, Liferay, or kDrive.

It is worthwhile to know that even a free cloud version, known as the Community Edition, can see up to 20 people collaborating on documents with edits appearing in real time or after each contributor saves their changes.


JustICE Docs Home Server!

House for use in open-source office suites. Mobile web editors, technical support and 1 year regular update are included. For up to 10 users.

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Get the bargain.

Teams can talk with each other, ONLYOFFICE, and postpone the matter to the document and track the change they have made, and the others. The only real limitation is the number of users that the Community Edition does not support ONLY offICE mobile web editors. If you want support, you have to use the online knowledge base.

ONLYOFFICE A phone and a laptop, or mobile phone.

If you don’t feel like a lot of working documents online, download a ONLYOFFICE free desktop app that works flawlessly on Windows, macOS, and Linux distros. The engine is identical to ONLYOFFICE Docs, so the same interface and editing capabilities are provided.

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By using ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors, you can edit any Word, Excel and PowerPoint files. You have a good chance of working with fillable forms. With this new tool, you can write a form that others can fill out online or in their own office software. When putting together a form, you can use text and image fields, including tick boxes, drop-down menus and more. No matter what information you need to collect, it is possible to use the desktop editors.

These app combines some cloud storage services like NextCloud, ownCloud, Seafile, kDrive and Liferay, so you can always edit the documents on your computer or laptop.

On OnlyOFFICE mobiles are free, too. OnlyOFFICE documents are a mobile office-based application with no ads and no internal purchases for Android and iOS devices. You can download these from the related marketplace. Note that ONLYOFFICE documents are compatible with forms, but they can’t be created in the mobile app. They only work.


You can download ONLYOFFICE and start studying today: simply head If you’re looking for the Windows or Mac OS, these can be downloadedhere. If you have older devices, there is support for Windows XP and macOS 10.11, but the apps also support the latest versions, including Windows 11 and MacOS Big Sur.

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