Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Chaos Chamber Explained: How To Unlock, All Portal Icons & How To Get The Best Rewards

As with many Borderlands games, after all, the story of Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, which is a new mode that you can beat without having to grind, is all over again. That’s right, we’re here explain the Chaos Chamber game mode and how to unlock it and get the best rewards.

Some spoilers ahead, turn back now if you haven’t beaten the story and don’t want it spoiled.

What Is Chaos Chamber?

Chaos Chamber is Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands in a rougelike mode. By roguelike it means you take your current gear with you into a set of randomized fights that will progress as you climb. The fights themselves are just like the countless random and camp encounters you have gotten into the Overworld.

The only big difference is that the Chaos Chamber foes drop crystals that can be used to buy modifiers mid-run or at the end of the rewards. These can be a tough challenge and the enemies can easily level you out. Keep in mind that every run you get is three lives. Dying is not the end of the run prematurely, but of the habit of making it.

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Chaos Chamber Dragon Lord

There are so many different choices when it comes to the run. A boss fight, so you want to be prepared. There are:

  • Featured runs which are the same every time.
  • Normal runs which are a randomized Chaos Chamber experience
  • Extended runs are 20% more crystals than just normal runs and the enemies drop.
  • Chaos Trials are difficult runs that allow you to increase your Chaos Level.
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Chaos Levels Work Similar to Mayhem Levels in the Borderlands 3 and gives you the option to make the most of the future runs with the amazing loot for their vastly improved chances. Be warned that you will also end up fighting enemies at the maximum level.

How To Unlock The Chaos Chamber Game Mode

The ultimate story mission after you begin the quest Epilogue which will take you all over Brighthoof to learn about newly unlocked game mechanics.

This quest will take you to the Brighthoof castle at the request of the Queen Butt Stallion where you will meet the Dragon Lord. He will run you through a brief and very detailed tutorial and finish the Chaos Chamber when you want.

How To Get The Best Chaos Chamber Rewards Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

There’s no magic trickery here, just farm crystals. At the end of each run you get down into an area with statuses that have all the different loot types and have a crystal amount above them. Crystals do not carry over and your only real choice is to spend them if you’ve got them.

To increase your crystal gain, there are a few things you can do. First, extended runs are your friend. They are key to getting more and more fights with that crystals boost.

Next, follow the side objective with the one you enter. This can be like defending a statue or destroying one, but you will get more crystals at the end of the chamber as a reward for completing it, so they’re definitely worth your time.

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Third, go with the Dragon Lord when choosing a hard curse. I know, this seems to be the fastest way to go against the idea, but you often get a large percentage increase in crystals that make it worth the extra grind.

Also, when choosing a chamber portal (more on these below), make it elite when you have enough crystals to do so. Yes, 50 crystals is a steep asking price and every time it costs more crystals, but you get better rewards.

Chaos Chamber Menu Modifier Screen

Do Stick To Only Do It When You Have Enough Spare Crystals, though. Nothing is worse than getting to the end and being a little short of a full reward is your choice of loot statue. To this end, also avoid using any of the blessings around the chambers, while they may be inexpensive, they can easily add up and drain your wallet.

Chamber Portal Icons

After clearing a chamber you will have a choice between two portals. Similar to other roguelikes, you will choose how the next Chamber will end.

Dragon Lord Portal

Chaos Chamber Dragon Lord Portal

The Dragon Lord Portal icon means that when you have the next Chamber you will have two curses between a choice of the Dragon Lord and a choice.

As mentioned above, if you are looking for the best possible crystal gain, go with the two curses that are the hardest.

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Butt Stallion Portal

Chaos Chamber Butt Stallion Portal

This is a queenly choice of random blessing giving you the Queen Butt Stallion. These blessings do not affect your crystal gain rate and the potential pool of blessings / perks you see around the Chambers.

These can make your runs easier, as the blessing will be free. However, this is the portal we’d recommend because at least there are better choices out there for the crystal gain of the terms.

Chest Portal

Chaos Chamber Loot Chest Portal

As you might figure, this portal ends with a huge dice that give you a huge amount of loot rewards and some crystals.

If you’re in this loot, these are the Chambers you want to go to just about every time. For even better end results, make sure to turn these into Elite encounters.

Crystal Chest Portal

Chaos Chamber Crystal Chest Portal

If you want to maximize your crystal gain, you should go for these and Dragon Lord portals. These crystal chest portals work similarly to the loot chest ones, except for a good amount of crystals at the end of the dice.

The amount can easily be augmented by the above mentioned curses.

There you have it, everything you need to know about Choose the best rewards and which portals, including Chaos Chamber.

The Chaos Chamber is also a really great place to farm up your Myth Ranks which we have over here for an in-depth explanation.

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