Tomo of Jenshin Impact – Vision, Weapon and more

Everyone wants a friend in their life, even Jenshin Impact characters. Someone will stand by you in difficult times, someone to fight with you in the heat of battle – metaphorically or literally. Is that what friends mean?

Unfortunately, the story though Tomo of Jenshin Impact One of friendship, it is also a great loss. But who is he really? What is his element? And will he ever be a role to play? Okay, we got all the answers here, but be warned – his story has spoilers related to the main story and may prompt you to shed one or two tears.

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Who is Jenshin Impact Tomo?

Tomo is the name given by fans to a man who appears in many cut scenes. The word ‘Tomo’ comes from ‘Tomodachi’, which is derived from the Japanese word ‘friend’, and Tomo is primarily known as Genshin Impact Kazuha Friend.

Tomo fought against the Vision Hunt decree, standing up for what he believed was right. Unfortunately, after challenging the Vision Hunt Decree hunters to a duel, Ryden of Geneshin Impact kills him with his own sword and he loses his life to her Musou no Hitotachi Sword Art.

Tomosh Cotton of Genesin Impact and battling Raiden with Electro Vision

What is Jenshin Impact Tomo Focus?

Tomo appears to have used the Electro Vision in the cut scenes. When he was killed, his vision began to fade. Kazuha fled from Inazuma in view of the death of his friend. Later, Kazuha Tomo is seen hanging out next to him and lighting his battle with Raiden on Omnipresence over Mortals Quest. Although this was not confirmed at any time, Tomo was shown holding a sword in the cut scenes.

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There is a tomb near the Comisato Estate in Inazuma, which is marked with a katana, a weeping sight and a white cat. Mihoyo did not confirm anything, but it is believed to be Tomo’s tomb.

When is the release date of Genshine Impact Tomo?

We hate to be a factor in bad news, but Tomo of Genshin Impact is unlikely to ever be a playable character. He is currently classified as a deceased NPC and we will never add him to our team unless some serious magic that we have not seen in the Jenshin world comes into effect.

And that’s all for Tomo’s sad story of Jenshin Impact. If you want a breather from the world of Teyvat after shedding such tears, be sure to check out our list of the best games like Genshin Impact to find anything fresh to play.

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