Triangle Strategy Chapter 10 ‘In the Shadows of Suspicion’ Walkthrough


Triangle Strategy is a brand new tactical RPG that’s just released exclusively for the Nintendo Switch, and it features a beautiful HD-2D graphical style that helps give it a modern look while still retaining its retro, SNES-era sensibilities. The Game also features a branching narrative where you can make your decisions in a way that unfolds, and things can get tricky once you hit chapter 10. Titled In the Shadows of SuspicionHere’s a quick walkthrough to help you get past Triangle Strategy Chapter 10.

Triangle Strategy Chapter 10 Walkthrough

In this chapter, Serenoa and his party are tasked with gathering enough evidence to engage in the bribery and illegal salt trade of the Sorsley Ende. First off, it’s important to note that no matter how much or little evidence you gather, there’s no way to infiltrate Sorsley’s encampment to steal his secret ledger.

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The chapter will always end with the trial of Serenoa going on, but the amount of evidence you will gather is the answer to Saintly Seven’s questions.

All Evidence to Gather

  1. Speak with Lyla, who’s standing north of the gates.

    She’ll give you permission to look at her secretary’s diary if you happen to find it.

  2. Head into the house directly below her and examine the bookshelf to find the diary.

    Examine it to learn about Sorsley’s bribery.

  3. After that, head into the house below and you speak with the woman.

    She’ll inform you of a mysterious vanishing cargo ship.

  4. Speak with the guards to the north, next to Lyla.

    The guard will tell you that Exharme is busy, and write him a letter if you have anything important to say to him.

  5. Head all the way south and speak with a merchant to get a pen and paper.
    triangle strategy chapter 10
  6. Go north again and speak with the guard to send him your letter to Exharme.
  7. The Source at Standing Guards with Speak.

    When you’re given a chance, choose the second dialogue option.

    triangle strategy chapter 10
  8. The house is just outside the corner with Speak standing guard.

    He’ll tell you he’s a fugitive for looking.

  9. The man with the Speak is standing west, looking towards the house you just came from.
  10. Go back and speak with the guard outside the house again, and tell him you saw the fugitive leaving the city.
  11. Speak to the man standing with the west again, then head inside his house and talk to Sorsley.
  12. Speak to the merchant standing northwest, just below Lyla, then choose the dialogue option that gets unlocked.

This will allow you to gather all the evidence you need against Sorsley, including information on his Bribery of Glenbook officials and the secret ledger of existence.

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After you find all the items you can find in this area, press the + button to end the story with your exploration and proceedings.

And that does it for our Triangle Strategy Chapter 10 Walkthrough. Be sure to search Twinfinite for more tips and information on the game.

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