Triangle Strategy: How to Heal & Increase Max Health


Triangle Strategy in Healing and Maximum Health Your enemy’s victorious against the battle. As enemies get tougher, this’ll become even more important as their attacks deal more damage, so let’s get right into it.

Triangle Strategy in Healing

To Heal in Triangle Strategy, you can use a HP Recovery Pellet item that grants HP when used, or use a unit with healing abilities.

Character Abilities

Geela and Hossabara are two of the earliest characters you can get in the game that can heal themselves and their abilities with other characters.

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When it’s their turn, choose their healing spells and choose the party member you want to fight in Heal. This will, of course, use up their turn in that and also take TP, so make sure they’re not doing harm’s way before.

Using Healing Items in Triangle Strategy

Alternatively, use a healing item, during a character’s turn, press left or right to access the d-pad’s ‘Items’ tab.

Next, select a ‘Recovery Pellet.’ Press A and then select either character you want. Using healing items does have a limited range, however. You can only use Recovery Pellets and other healing items on the character currently selected, or other members of your party that are directly adjacent to them.

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Increasing the Max Health of Your Party

To increase the max health of your characters, you’ll need to level them up, equip HP rings, or upgrade their weapons.

Leveling up is the most straightforward, as their max health will be increased slightly more each time they reach the next level.

HP Rings can be purchased from the Merchant in the Encampment, and can also be found when exploring towns, so it’s recommended that you explore a whole new area.

Finally, you can upgrade a character’s weapons to their max health. Though, it should be noted that not every weapon upgrade will have this effect. Character Upgrades You’ll need to check the weapon upgrade stats screen so that you can see what benefits it’ll give you.

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That’s all you need to know Healing and increasing the health of your characters Triangle Strategy. For more tips and tricks, search Twinfinite, or check out our coverage of the game below.

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