Triangle Strategy: How to Restore TP


Triangle Strategy is a tactical RPG developed by Artdink and published by Square Enix, and it’s just released exclusively for the Nintendo Switch. The game features a beautiful HD-2D graphical art style, meshing SNES-era sprites with lovely, detailed environments and backgrounds to give it a more unique look. It’s also a pretty challenging game that requires you to make good use of your units in battle. Here’s How to Restore TP in Triangle Strategy.

Restoring TP in Triangle Strategy

  1. The most basic way of restoring TP is by simply not turning one for another.

    Every unit will gain one TP during their turn, provided that they do not have any special skills or abilities. Just performing regular attacks, using items, or moving around is fine; As long as they don’t have any skills, one TP will be restored at the end of the turn.

    triangle strategy tp
  2. You can also restore special skills using TP.

    For instance, Julio is an early character you can recruit in the game, and he has an ability that restores him to a TP that can range in any character. While this requires the use of TP, this move strategically can give you an advantage in battle.

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With all that in mind, it’s best to remember that your units don’t always have the ability to do so. Sometimes you can stock up on TP and use more powerful abilities later on.

Increasing TP Limit

There is a way to increase the amount of TP a unit can store in the Triangle Strategy, and that’s what promoting them. At their lowest ranks, each unit can only hold up to three TP. However, each time they get promoted, that maximum limit will increase.

Because of this, it’s definitely recommended that you try and promote your most essential units as soon as possible. We’ve got a guide here about how to promote units, but basically, you’ll need to reach levels 10, 20, and 30 respectively, and use a medal to promote them while talking to Archibald in the back of the encampment.

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That’s all you need to know about how to restore TP in Triangle Strategy. Be sure to search Twinfinite for more tips and information on the game.

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