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Tunic just hit the PC and Xbox (and Game Pass), and critics and fans alike are busy exploring its colorful and vibrant world. Blending the exploration of Zelda with the boss battles and progression of a Souls-like, this cutesy action-adventure title is home to some surprisingly challenging enemies and puzzles. Of course, for all you achievement hunters out there, you may be wondering what the Tunic achievements list is. Worry not, we’ve got your back.

All Achievements List – Tunic

There are 36 achievements in Tunic, totaling 1000 Gamerscore. These are:

Visible Achievements:

  • What just happened? (10G) – You were resurrected
  • Ding (10G) – You rang the Eastern Bell
  • Dong (10G) – You rang the Western Bell
  • Deep In The Forest (10G) – You found the Red Key
  • High Above the Clouds (10G) – You found the Green Key
  • At the Root of the World (10G) – You found the Blue Key
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Hidden Achievements:

  • A Stick! (10G) – You found a stick
  • A Sword! (10G) – You found a sword
  • You Hear a Strange Hum (10G) – You engaged a strange device
  • Your Gift is Accepted (10G) – You made an offering
  • What Now? (10G) – You completed the Key collection
  • You Feel A Tingling… (10G) – You’ve earned the Cathedral’s Prize
  • Your Body is Restored (20G) – You restored corporeal form
  • Game Over (50G) – You found your rightful place
  • Thank you for playing! (50G) – You completed the Manual
  • I’m free! (20G) – You are a friendly fairy
  • Mr. Mayor (50G) – You Found Secret Treasure # 1
  • A Secret Legend (50G) – You Found Secret Treasure # 2
  • Sacred Geometry (50G) – You Found Secret Treasure # 3
  • Vintage (50G) – You Found Secret Treasure # 4
  • Just Some Pals (50G) – You Found Secret Treasure # 5
  • Regal Weasel (50G) – You Found Secret Treasure # 6
  • Spring Falls (50G) – You Found Secret Treasure # 7
  • Power Up (50G) – You Found Secret Treasure # 8
  • Back to Work (50G) – You Found Secret Treasure # 9
  • Phonomath (50G) – You Found Secret Treasure # 10
  • Dusty (50G) – You Found Secret Treasure # 11
  • Forever Friend (50G) – You Found Secret Treasure # 12
  • Lawnmower (20G) – You chopped down 1,000 blades of grass
  • Too Cute to Smash (20G) – Had 10 moneybanks at once
  • Nothing Happened… (10G) – You made a wish
  • Well Done! (10G) – You made 15 wishes
  • It Uses Stamina (10G) – You have a perfectly executed special technique
  • Bring it to the Wrong Fight (50G) – You found a certain weapon before getting a sword.
  • Whoops (10G) – You froze yourself
  • Your Pocket Feels Heavier… (10G) – You understand the margin of Page 17
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So there you have it; the Tunic for full achievement list. For more tips, tricks and guides, be sure to search Twinfinite, or see more of our coverage below the game.

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