Tunic: How To Unlock New Game Plus & What Carries Over


Tunic has arrived, find the cute little Link-wannabe fox on our screens to solve puzzles and secrets with a mysterious world teeming. While you think you have finished the game, you have the final boss, and there are plenty more left to figure out. Here’s How to unlock New Game Plus in Tunic and what items will carry over.

Tunic in Unlocking New Game Plus

To unlock New Game Plus, you’ll need to beat ‘The Heir’ boss fight once you’ve rebooted all your powers from Hero’s Grave.

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You can start the boss fight by revisiting the warp hub, where you can hop on to different pedestals and be transported to different areas of the world.

When you arrive here, you want to step up to the very center of the hub, and press A.

By doing so, you will be transported straight into the arena where you need to beat the need not once, but twice, where the second stage is considerably more difficult. Make sure you pack those health potions!

Upon beating The Heir, a short cutscene will play the game for the credits you watch before you play. At this point, a ‘Game Over’ screen will appear where you can choose the instruction manual for any missing pages, or begin New Game +.

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unlocking and starting new game plus in tunic

Note that if you choose to start the New Game + at this point, you need to beat the final boss again and watch the credits roll and reach this screen. From our time in the game, there is no option to start New Game + any other way.

New Game + in What Carries Over?

By the beginning of the new Game Plus in Tunic, you will find most of the items you carry on your first playthrough, minus the Colored Keys and Hero’s Grave items as part of the main story.

That’s because these are ‘story’ items, so to speak, that are unlocked and are used to ‘direct’ where you’ll go. If you have all these beginning, there’d be nothing stopping you from heading straight to the final boss.

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That’s all you need to know Tunic’s New Game Plus mode. For more tips and tricks, be sure to search Twinfinite or see our coverage of this titular fox’s epic adventure below.

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