Tunic Scavenger Mask: How To Get Through Quarry Without Losing Health


If you’ve ventured into the quarry’s north of Tunic’s, you’ve probably seen that your health bar starts decreasing when you’re nearing the purple ‘cavities.’ This strange, toxic substance is everywhere, however, and rather than just damaging you, it actually reduces the size of your health bar, so even when you are heal, you still have less health. In this guide, we’ll show you How To Get The Scavenger Mask so you can Get Through the Quarry in Tunic.

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Scavenger’s Mask with Getting Through the Quarry

Getting Through the Quarry Without Losing Health, The First Scavenger’s Mask.

This is found inside the Monastery, which is surrounded by large pillars and the fox shrine surrounded by water.

where to find the monastery in tunic

Make your way through this location and avoid the purity cavities, as they get too close to deal with the risks and reductions of your max health over time.

There are enemies in here too, so be sure to get your best bet and just run and dodge roll as many of them as you can to reach the end of the room. Open the chest here and you’ll get one of the ‘equipment’ cards with a mask on it.

getting the scavenger mask from the monastery in tunic

Equip this to your slot and your fox protagonist will now wear the mask, preventing them from taking damage and purging cavities throughout the quarry.

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equipping the scavenger mask to not lose hp in the quarry

That’s about all you need to know getting the Scavenger’s Mask in Tunic to help you get through the quarry. For more tips, tricks and guides on the game, check out Twinfinite for more on Beyond the Game or on our coverage below.

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