Tunic: Where to Go After Ringing the East & West Belltowers


Tune in to your first two main objectives: the east bell and the west bell. These will see you acquire your first proper sword, then take on a tougher enemy in the east, then face your first proper boss in the west. Once you’ve done this, though, you’re probably wondering where to go Tune in to the belltowers ringing after what to doand this guide will explain everything you need to know.

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What Are the East and West Belltowers?

These are great tuning fork-like objects that you can hit with your sword on both the east and west sides of the map. We’ve included a screenshot of what these look like.

tunic belltowers

Where to Go After Ringing the Belltowers in Tunic

  1. Head back to the Golden Doors just north of where you found your first fox shrine.

    They have great statues on either side of them and they are one of the first things to explore.

    where to go after tunic in ring belltowers
  2. Head inside and you’ll find some weird artifacts spinning in the middle of the room. Ignore this right-hand side of the passageway for now and look.
  3. Follow this path around and keep scaling your way up the cliff.

    Head up the stairs where the flying skull enemies are, and keep heading up the snowy path until you reach the big, gray doors on the top of the mountain.

    tunic mountain door page
  4. Pick up the page here to see what’s on the clue.
    what to do after ringing bells
  5. You can now return to the East Fortress and press and hold A Great Channel of Energy and Move.

    This is the case for all the silver blocks around the world, opening up a number of new paths for you to explore, which will help you find the three colored keys.

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By heading to the East Fortress, you’ll begin your quest with the first three colored keys. Just remember that you can press and hold A to interact with these silver blocks and you’ll find plenty of new opportunities.

That’s all you need to know What to do after ringing in the east and west belltowers Tunic. For more tips, tricks and guides, see our coverage of the game below.

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