Twitch on How To Unlock Emote Slots

If you’re a streamer on Twitch, you probably already know that custom channel emotes are one of many perks of affiliation or partnership. However, you do not automatically get as many emote slots as you want. They have to be unlocked in a specific way. Here’s Twitch on how to unlock emote slots.

Twitch on Unlocking Emote Slots

The first thing that you need to know about Twitch is that you only have affiliated and partnered broadcasters who can upload custom emotes to their channel. Once you’ve met the requirements and become a Twitch affiliate or partner, you will gain the ability to start unlocking more emote slots.

As of 2022, all affiliated and partner accounts automatically have some custom emote slots doing anything without being unlocked.

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Affiliated accounts automatically have five regular emote slots for Tier 1 subscribers, one animated emote slot for Tier 1 subscribers, one regular emote slot for Tier 2 subscribers, and one regular emote slot for Tier 3 subscribers.

Partnered accounts automatically have 10 Tier 1 subscribers for 10 regular emote slots, Tier 1 subscribers for five animated emote slots, Tier 2 subscribers for five regular emote slots, and Tier 3 subscribers for five regular emote slots.

To unlock more than the default slots, you must gain more subscriber points.

Subscriber points are when people subscribe to your channel. Tier 1 subscriptions are worth one point, Tier 2 subscriptions are worth two points, and Tier 3 subscriptions are worth six points.

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How many subscriber points they have based on additional slots:

Emote Slots Subscriber Points Needed
6 15
7 25
8 35
9 50
Animated Emote Slots Subscriber Points Needed
2 15
3 25
4 25
5 50

Partners can unlock many more regular emotes slots (up to 60 total) gaining more subscriber points. You can click here to see the subscriber points needed for partners.

To view the number of subscriber points you currently have and how many emote slots you have unlocked, head to your Creator Dashboard, then click Viewer Rewards on the left sidebar, then click Emotes.

Once you’ve unlocked an emote slot, it will never go away, even if you lose the required number of subscriber points.

That’s all you need to know about Twitch on how to unlock emote slots. More helpful video game-related guides for Twinfinite with Be sure to check.

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