Ubisoft announced 2022 trackmania grand league move

The top sixteen players in the world are the starting line-up to win the Spring 2022 champion title.

Today, Ubisoft announced that the 21-year-old Trackmania Grand League (TMGL) Spring Season will begin on March 6th, 2022. After receiving the title of Autumn 2021 Champion last year, Pac and MNM Gaming will be putting in their title. The Spotlight as the Top 16 Players of the World gather every Sunday from 6pm to 10pm. The final will take place in 2022 on April 24th, and will become the TMGL Spring 2022 Champion.

From their last years’ experience and achievements, Ubisoft is kicking up the trackmania with an improved, even more dynamic competitive format and an accessible esports circuit with the 2022 season. During the regular season, players play 5 matches per game on Sundays. Each player will be ranked at the end of each match based on their performance and then move on to both sides against the next match. After the playoffs of the spring season, the top eight ranked players will qualify for the Final, while the runners-up will win the final round of the Final Chance qualifier.

TMGL is running the following dates. Each Champion’s week will start at 8 noon ET.

  • Championship Week 1: Saturday, March 6th.
  • Championship Week 2: Sunday, March 13th.
  • Championship Week Three: Sunday, March 20th.
  • Championship Week 4: Sunday, March 27.
  • Championship Week 5: Sunday, March 3rd.
  • Title seven: Sunday, 10th April.
  • The end of the season: Sunday, the 17th of April.
  • Final: Sunday, April 24th.
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As for previous editions, fans can watch the music that their favorite team gives them to watch and support their favorite players every week.

  • Affi (Team BDS)
  • Aurel (Gamingprive.com)
  • Binkss (IziDream)
  • bren (Karmine Corp)
  • CarlJr. (Solarium)
  • GranaDy (Alternate aTTaX):
  • Gwen (GameWard)
  • Kappa (Organization will be soon)
  • Massa (BIG) Ltd.
  • mime (Orgless)
  • Mudda (Edelweiss) is a teen-born woman.
  • Alaka-Ioho (Lille Esport)
  • Pac (MNM-City Gaming)
  • Papou (GamersOrigin)
  • Scrapie, Spring.
  • Spam (Alliance)

The Trackmania Grand League will also feature two other competitions running parallel to the main circuit, but with the goal of a true philosophy of zero to hero philosophy. It turns into a journey into the pro world, where players have the biggest competition in the past to compete against a proven track.

The Trackmania Grand League Challenger: On the same date as the Trackmania Grand League, the 16 contenders are going to finish the next season’s Trackmania Grand League with the same format as the Trackmania Grand League Challenger.

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The Trackmania Grand League Open: At the same time, players can start playing competitively in their esports journey by signing up with Trackmania for the 4 Open Qualifiers of the Trackmania Grand League. The SM Open Final, but I can’t beat your opponents in this competition. There will be four open qualifiers available for the round:

  • Open Questionnaire 1: Saturday, March 12th.
  • Open Qualifier 2: Saturday, 19th March.
  • Open Qualifier 3: Saturday, March 26th.
  • Open Qualifier 4: Saturday 2nd April.

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