Ubisoft Executives to Nevada’s esports committee

The Nevada Gaming Control Board (NGCB) selects Che Chou, senior director of Esports at Ubisoft Entertainment, to its Esports Technical Advisory Committee.

Chou will be the eighth member of the CCAC and a committee formed by the Gaming Control Board to promote esports betting opportunities in the state.

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He joins people from across the esports and gambling industry, including members representing companies like Twitch, Activision, Penn National Gaming and Allied Esports.

Mr. The intersection of esports and gambling in Chou. He is most interested in the esports ecosystem, and that he understands esports strategy, ecosystems and community building, said the board.

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At Ubisoft, Chou manages the current and recent game titles for the company’s esports strategy, such as Rainbow Six Siege. He has served in other senior leadership positions, such as Blizzard Entertainment and 343 Industries.

The current regulated law in Nevada permits sports wagering per-event basis, requiring operators to submit a request to the NGCB for each competition. The Esports Committee was created in November 2021 with the Nevada Athletic Commission proposing a new Esports Regulatory Commission.

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In my opinion, I have written a letter from the University of Nevada where I know how to use my software to explain to Yogonet a book. “Then, I Have a New Book Owned This: A Program Like This May Be More Flexible In The sense that it’s more open to recommendations than it is to make it easier for you to choose the most strict guidelines. And I hope that really provides a very collaborative environment.

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The committee will host an open hearing on Tuesday at the Gaming Control Board office and participating quarterly throughout the year.

Esports Insider says Che Chou has become a great addition to Nevada’s esports committee, adding another credible and knowledgeable member to its panel. The reconnection between esports and gambling regulators has been partly linked to a lack of education, and we hope this group will help change for the better.

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