Ubisoft will launch the Grand League season next week

We just released new details for their next esports season. This one is for Trackmania as it launches the Grand League. The plan is to switch to a “Zero to Hero” philosophy, and to make players move up, and making their way to the greatest competitions. The event will host the main system, while offering two other competitions running parallel to the main circuit. The spring 2022 season started in March, but the organizers are busy.

Credit: Ubisoft

After the Fall 2021 champion of last year’s title, Pac and MNM Gaming will be on their title as the top 16 players from around the world gather to compete on Sundays from March 6 to April 10. April 24th and be crowned TMGL Spring 2022 champion. After the first match of the trackmania in 2006, the game has grown increasingly exponentially, with over 1 million hours of watching over a million hours with professional players and the general public .

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From last year’s skepticism of success, Ubisoft is offering a competitive format, improved and more dynamic, and a full esports circuit that can be enjoyed by all players and players. During regular season, players compete every Sunday in 1v1v1 format and play five matches per playday. All players will be placed at the end of each match in order to make a decision about their performance and progress towards the next match against the other players. After the last playday of the summer season, the top 8 players will compete for the finals, while the runners will fight for the final point at the Chance Final Qualifier.

The Grand League Challenger: On the same date as the Grand League, the 16 contenders will race to the finish line, following the same format and the main competition, and are looking to qualify for the second season of the Grand League.

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The GM Open: The 4 Open Qualifiers of the GM Open to Sign Up by Trackmania on their esports journey. Six players from each qualifier will compete in the TMGL Open Final, so they can aspire to the next TMGL Open Final. The four open qualifiers will be held on:

  • Open test 1: Saturday, March 12th, 2019: Sem.
  • Open Qualifier 2: Saturday, June 19th.
  • Open Qualifier 3: Saturday, March 26th.
  • Open Qualifier 4: Saturday, 2 April.

The next date at The TMGL runs. During each championship week it will begin at 8:30 o’clock.

  • Championship Week 1: Sunday, March 6.
  • The Tournament is a two-week series, Sunday, 13th March.
  • Championship Week 3: Sunday, 20th March.
  • Championship season 4: Sunday, March 27.
  • Champion Week 5: Saturday, March 3:50.
  • Championship Week 6: Sunday, April 10; Sunday, April 10th.
  • The Final Chance is Sunday, April 17th.
  • April for the Finals: Sunday, April 24th.
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As for previous editions, fans can listen to the set of playlists by watching their favorite rivals watch and support their favorite players each week.

  • The team BDS team is Affi.
  • Aurel (Gamingprive.com)
  • Binkss (IziDream):
  • bren (Karmine Corp)
  • CarlJr. (Lymbus)
  • Granady (Tetraol) (Tyraneoma).
  • Gwen, insomnia.
  • Kappa (Organization to be soon)
  • Massa (BIG)
  • You must have a little bit of yours.
  • Mudda (Edelweiss)
  • Otaaaq (Lille Esport)
  • Pac (MNM Games)
  • Papou (GamersOrigin)
  • Scrapie (Sprout)
  • Pity (Affiliation)

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