Uh-Oh, Some Steam Deckowners Report Thumbstick Drift, Report

A number of the first Steam Deck units are now shipped to customers. The PC gaming handhelds thumbstick controllers with some experience.

On Tuesday, three different users took to Reddit to post about their steam decks on the right thumbstick.

They also posted videos to the problem. In one video, the Steam Decks display for the mouse cursor continues to move to the right thumbstick. In a second clip the thumbstick still registers the pressed downward after inputs.

Valve did not respond immediately to the comment request. One user wrote that they could temporarily fix the problem when they entered the Steam Deck and increased the “dead zone” of thumbsticks in the settings panel.

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The problem could be software-related but hardware-related, so it’s pretty rare to see a brand new product in thumb-stick drift. Diversion is often caused by the thumbstick controllers of gradual wear and tear, according to the repair website iFixit.

Another user-related Steams customer support to help resolve the issue. Owners of Steam Deck Notes for the adware support page can go to Steam> Settings> Controller> Testing Controller Inputs to run an application.

If you encounter hardware problems with the Steam Deck, this product has a one-year warranty. There is a new or refurbished model with a standard way of replacing the device.

The company made the Steam Deck’s thumbstick controllers for easy use. Valve plans to sell the PC gaming handheld parts in a timely way and distribute it to authorized retailers such as iFixit.

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