Valorant rapper Accused Of Dodging, Muting Women

Did you get to the scene now? Good.

Jason JasonR Ruchelski, a former CS: GO player and full-time Twitch streamer, is one of the women present at Reputed Dodging Valorant Games for Under Fire. He is speaking only for one day, saying that he is always defending himself and in the worst he can, if he does not talk about women. It doesn’t look good.

During this week, a number of women tasked with supporting a Valorant club, including Annie and Panini, on their own, discussing Ruchelski’s sexual abuse for sexism, whose sexism was against him as he tried to disconnect them from a match. , and recruit female players in the Valorant and other games. That’s not Ruchelski’s first attempt with such misinformation.

Vanessa panini Emory, the esports group for the pro valorant player won the Shopify Rebellion, on February 20th when it was the idea of ​​a big streamer in women’s games. She was alluding to Ruchelski, who was previously reportedly involved in muting and dodging women in 2018. In a Paninis tweet, the Flames hit the waves and snowballed into a series of accolades from other Valorant players, such as Benita Benita Novshadian, who said Ruchelskis doing that since his counter-attack days.

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Two days later, Cloud9 Valorant pro Annie Annie Roberts praised paninis claim on Twitter. Everyday, a female player joins the team and listens to women. Ruchelski claims the drops are usually caused by hardware issues, that some borrowers call BS.

[JasonR] He is always driving his car, said Annie. Any claims to address are as well.

Ruchelski has since responded to allegations. On Twitter, he called out the Xymo team Cloud9 to help women bashing my wife, but those helped her drew in a few complaints that her problem was not with her wife, but with her avoidance of other women and comments. He also said on Twitch that he crashes too often, his game is built-up, a loading screen on hanging, and confusion and confusion. In order to make her case, she even shows a clip of a clip when a crash occurs.

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Comment for Annie, panini, and Ruchelski to reach Kotaku.

In all that, he would probably denounce his disparaging language on women. As an astonishingly ironic argument against the accusations of misogyny and sexism, he claims that I didn’t hear anyone fucking this fucking server because it was a fucking bitch inside it. He said he hated his friends for over a hundred years because of a fucking girl who’s still at his house. There are probably some VODs that stream on women with Valorant, but Annie didn’t know where these videos were. Ruchelski even reacted with some atrocious comments about how disrespectful women are because he is not interacting with women or talking to them.

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I don’t support violence, I don’t support sexuality, and I don’t support anything that my wife, Ruchelski said, while it’s a bit difficult to reconcile these statements with rants, he frankly calls women bitches. Twitch is a hard place to work for women in it. When women avoid significant followings, they are mistakenly treated as fellow players.

Unfortunately, all of this is depressingly familiar. Not only has Ruchelski been accused of dodging women once before, but this situation recalls that in 2018 when Tyler Ninja Blevins said he would play with the rumors about it, it might circulate online. Ninja changed her position a year later, but he was impolite, and he and his repeated allegations that Ruchelski deliberately avoided playing with women underscored the continued sexism of Twitch.

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