Virtua Fighter 5 Will Get Tekken 7 Skins

during the Virtual Fighter eSports Challenge Cup streaming on March 20, 2022, Sega announced an upcoming crossover between Virtual Fighter 5 other Tekken 7. In the short trailer that played during the event, it showed Akira fighting as Kazuya and Lau fighting as Heihachi. The collaboration will not result in the actual Tekken characters appearing in the game. Rather, they will be skins for existing fighters.

The gameplay trailer is fairly brief and starts almost at the end of the stream. Here is the video, time-stamped to when it starts:

Akira wearing Kazuya’s skin features the character’s signature heterochromia, with his left eye glowing red. While the trailer does not show the entire fight, it does end with Kazuya’s victory after Heihachi. Or, to be more precise, Akira’s victory over Lau. It is unknown if Akira and Lau are the only characters skins that will be available via the Tekken 7 crossover in Virtual Fighter 5.

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Another game series that appeared in Virtual Fighter 5 is the yakuza series. The pack came out in December 2021 and included 19 new outfits and 20 new music tracks. During the stream, it was mentioned that after the yakuza crossover, the Virtual Fighter 5 team wanted to do another one with a fellow fighting game.

Virtual Fighter 5 Ultimate Showdown is available on the PlayStation 4, and the Tekken 7 collaboration pack will come out in the near future. There is no news regarding a concrete release date or pricing yet.

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