Vodafone for Eurovision, 5G and holograms make “teleportation” possible

The network and technology of Vodafone disembark atEurovision Song Contest: for the 2022 edition of the event, the operator makes “teleportation” possible, an avant-garde technology that combines the use of 5G to that of holograms.

In particular, thanks to Vodafone’s 5G network, it was possible to project a hologram of Alessandro Cattelan “Teleporting it” from the backstage to the premieres of the festival broadcast on Rai1. The hologram is interactive and in very high definition, indistinguishable from the physical figure of the conductor. Furthermore, the dialogue with the “apparent” Cattelan is made natural and immediate by the ultra-broadband and millisecond latency of 5G, which has all the potential to allow us to break down the last obstacle in virtual communication: the screen.

As for the other initiatives of Vodafone launched during the Eurovision week, the social tour on the entertainment platform TikTokthrough which the operator tries to put people from various parts of the world in contact, leading them to discover the international communities protagonists of the festival.

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Speaking of TikTok, Vodafone has just launched its first Branded Effect by title “Follow the rhythm”: letting themselves be carried away by their creativity, users will be able to draw lines and shapes in augmented reality following the rhythm of an unpublished jingle.

The inhabitants of Turin and its surroundings can visit Vodafone house at Eurovillage to try out the different applications of the 5G network for yourself. Among other things, it is possible to wear a Virtual Reality viewer and “teleport” to one of the great European capitals, visit ancient palaces of the Roman imperial era or engage in passionate competitions from 5G smartphones or smart TVs on Game Now, Vodafone’s 5G streaming gaming platform. Also inside the Eurovillage of Parco del Valentino there is one “Green” store in which Vodafone talks about its concrete commitment in tackling climate change and provides information on its plan to give new life to old smartphones.

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