Voice Actor Ayane Sakura Says Yae Miko Is ‘Scary’ In Genshin Impact Interview

An interview with the Japanese Genshin Impact YouTube Channel, voice actor Ayane Sakura talked about her role as Yae Miko. In addition to sharing her first impressions of the character and how she came to play Yae Miko, Sakura revealed that Yukuaki is one of her favorite characters. Genshin ImpactGeneral Chat Chat Lounge Sakura also talked about a mission idea that she would like to see added to the game. The interview does not contain any spoilers for Genshin ImpactGeneral Chat Chat Lounge

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Here is the full Genshin Impact Interview with Ayane Sakura and some noteworthy highlights below:

While playing Yae Miko, Ayane Sakura states that she focuses on the character’s feminine and mysterious qualities. Specifically, miHoYo told Sakura to act in a mischievous, deceptive way. She also recalled how she became confused when one of her lines said that Yae Miko “doesn’t have a tail,” even though some character designs clearly showed that she did. Sakura added that the contradiction played into Yae Miko’s mysteriousness.

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When asked about any shared qualities, the voice actor is denied any similarities with the character. Furthermore, Sakura said that she would actually be scared of someone like Yae Miko in real life, due to the character’s omniscient attitude and charismatic qualities. However, Sakura also stated that she would like to be like Yae Miko when she is much older.

Among others Genshin Impact The characters, Ayane Sakura, revealed that her two favorite characters are Raiden Shogun and Yukuaki. For Yukuaki, Sakura mentioned the character’s androgyny and asymmetric design as key factors. Meanwhile, on the topic of traveling within the world Genshin ImpactSakura commented that she’d like to see a mission where you collect cats and dogs from around the world and eventually a group of 50-to-100 animals following the player.

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Genshin Impact is available on iOS, Android, PlayStation 4 and 5, and PC. A Nintendo Switch version is also in development.

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