Volume 4 of the Seven Spellblades: Reigns of the Reignings series

The Seven Spellblades of the Two are an epic arc and promised that after we return to the series, the cast will become the second grade of the students. As soon as we finish writing The Reveals, we will enter the school year and find out if it is as captivating as the first year of the year.

Protagonist Oliver and his friends have achieved their first year of education at the Magic Academy & are now second grade students. The first term for their agenda is to welcome the new first year and have been through the terrifying introduction of the school themselves, and they have decided to make sure the newcomers have friendly faces and support.

Of course, because of the new pupils worried about now, they are raising progressively harder. This includes an examination of the curses and so on. They are, however, some of the most deadly spells in the world, and they are also a highly skilled mage if the caster is on the backfiring of habitat.

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If that weren’t bad enough, some of Oliver’s groups are targeted by the upper class men who are looking for sleep and giving birth to some of their children’s magical traits. For those very clueless (namely Nanao, Katie and Guy) and that led to Oliver and Chela holding a meeting explaining that 80 per cent of students at Kimberly have sex before they graduate, and even when having a child. The Realm of Reason.

Oliver just wants to make sure everybody is careful and not taken advantage of. Although I think the plot point would’ve been waited for three or four years, it’s still an interesting element to play. Let’s just hope it doesn’t cause any sexual assault or any similar incidents in a short distance. Even though this volume has an age, I’m sure that its age is still thirteen, so the explicit sexual content later in the book.

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In this book, we get to see the group drive to Galatea where they can relax and enjoy a little shopping, and stay calm. The whole series has been taken either at school or down in the labyrinth. Since there was a chance to see what these two sites were, we could build an excellent worldbuilding tool. We’re watching the city of horrors when we talk to a neighbor that she almost went to.

Volume 4 is as interesting as I will say, it seems to be filled with more volumes over time. If the next arc, it felt like nothing big could happen at the other end of the list. Of course, having a breather after an episode of Volume 3 has had a terrible effect. I can barely resist the fact that this is a series of other books.

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Revenge of the Seven SpellbladesVolume 4 gets to the West in the form of Yen Press – Translating from Alex Keller-Nelson to Andrew Cunningham. While the switch is strong, the release is also strong and concords well with previous books and is well on the front of translation. The volume 5 series is scheduled to be released in Angola this summer. This feature has recently been added to an anime adaptation that is in the works, so much so that this franchise has much to invest in.

The 7 Spellblades of the Revised Section (Volume 4) seem to be a recurrent arc but still a very interesting read. If nothing else, this one will inspire all existing players in the world, which surely will delight many existing fans.

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