Warframe: Angels of the Zariman Expansion Out Today with Story Trailer


As of today, Warframe players will be taking on a new questline in the Angels of the Zariman expansion that will have them exploring the Zariman Ten Zero, the ship that was lost to a void-jump accident. Since this accident was born Tenno, this questline will definitely give players all sorts of new lore on the origins of the game’s playable race.

You can find the trailer here and below:

The trailer’s description gives a great summary of the expansion, saying

The Zariman Ten Zero cries out into the endless darkness of space. In a post-New War Origin System, something lingers in this Void-wrecked vessel that the Tenno once called home. Returning to where it all began, find the source of Zariman’s song and illuminate the mysteries that echo through its vacant corridors.

The site refers to this simply as a quest, but it adds so much more than that. With this expansion there is not only a new quest, but a new social hub, three new game modes, customizable rooms, new weapons, and more. While you might be going into Angels of the Zariman to see where the story begins, you’re getting so much more.

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Also, don’t expect your exploitation of the Zariman Ten Zero to be peaceful, all that time drifting hasn’t done any favors. You ‘ll face tough enemies with origins very similar to your own. These same enemies have been trapped while you have been free.

Last month, a look at the Gyre Warframe was given in anticipation of this release. You can unlock the new expansion with the Gyre Warframe and we’ll tell you what to expect.

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