Western Digitals new 20TB hard drive play every movie you have ever seen

In a study published in 2016 by Redbox, average americans will watch an estimated 5,00040 films over their lifetime. As far as my college days go, the university’s illegal campus DC ++, the average 1080p movie rip is about 1-2 gigabytes. Using these measurements, Western Digitals’ new 20-terabyte hard drive can hold a movie that you will never see or will ever see.

While the aforementioned SSDs are common in the modern computer, it’s impossible to beat old-fashioned spinning plates, even for limited storage capacity, and the new 7,200-pc drive demonstrates perfectly. Nine of them take the 20TB Red Pro together with an impressive 64GB of NAND flash storage (conform to Toms Hardware) to help access that data and move it around. The WD Red Pro is a network-attached storage device for customers who roll their cloud.

It should be good for user-friendly photos or movies. With its hard drive, its cost is 499,6. It is for sale now on the Western Digitals website.

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