What are Gacha Features in Gacha Life


Gacha: Most players are interested in Gacha. You have probably searched for this information online and you won’t get an answer that is correct. This is the latest aspect of the online game. It’s a collection of characters as well as other props.


You can unlock another kind of feature by acquiring gems and then offer this feature away to NPC players. It’s a nice surprise to NPC and anime characters. The collection is divided into 6 categories starting at 1 and ending with 6 stars. Every start collection has a certain kind of props and characters. Each collection starts with a minimum of 20 kinds of objects, including props, characters, and special effects.

Gems are needed for unlocking Gacha. Five gems are needed to unlock a single gacha. 50 gems are required for unlocking 10. If you’re running low on gems, then you can buy them by paying an amount of $.


TypeNormal GiftSpecial Offer
1-Star10 points20 Points
2-Star20 points40 Points
3-Star30 points60 Points
4-Star40 points100 Points
5-Star50 points

Point to be aware

When you purchase gacha with gems, the anime will gain stamina, which will allow them to communicate with NPC. To get more gems from gems, you can increase the amount of friendship with the NPC at the Level.

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