What is Gacha Life?

Gacha Life

Gacha Life is an app for kids who love anime and cartoon characters. It is a very popular game among kids. They can customize their characters and make some creative content. Basically, it’s a role-playing game. Kids can choose outfits for their character. They can change the appearance of characters like eyes, hairstyle, makeup, etc.

Gacha Life

There are 8 mini games in Gacha Life that users can choose. In that they can create skits in studio mode, create surroundings and communicate with other online players. 

It is one kind of dress up game made by Lunime. People can make videos by making their characters. They can team up with other online players and make great stories. These people are called gacha tubers. They can change the skin color of their characters as they want.  ‘Gacha’ word comes from Japanese toy machines and video games. To unlock characters users can use monetisation, points collection, or virtual currency methods.

is it safe for children?

This app has an age-rating of 9+ on the App Store and Google Play Store. Chat features may be a problem as online players can communicate with other players. So parents need to take care of these features. This app is ok for children but be aware of the community as some of them are toxic. As community involved in this game , some of the players can behave inappropriate.


This game can be play on Pc, Apple device and Android device. In all device game is compatible. For download in your device consider below link.


Download in your device and have fun!