What’s New in Apex Legends Season 13? Everything You Need to Know

This season is bringing some big gameplay changes through significant character balancing, changes to Storm Point, and, of course, the addition of another new Legend. Before you start jumping into matches, here’s everything you need to know about what’s new in Apex Legends Season 13: The Saviors.

New Legend: Newcastle

Everything New in Apex Legends Season 13: The Saviors

Apex Legends Newcastle Face (2)

Bangalore’s long-lost brother, Jackson Williams, is joining the roster in Season 13 as Newcastle. His Stories From The Outlands trailer showed us that he is actually filling in for the real Newcastle, leaving his peaceful life behind a new family.

Jackson joins the Apex Games to earn money to settle and protect the people he cares about, so it only makes sense that his playstyle is a defensive one. His passive allows him to drag down teammates into safer positions while protecting them with a shield that has the same rarity / strength as his Knockdown Shield.

Newcastle’s Tactical Deploys a Mobile Shield that can protect an advancing squad and even redeployed its face in another direction. His Ultimate, Castle Wall, has him jump up and slam down an electrified shield that slows down enemies who touch it. The shield can be put down at the exact teammate locations if they are targeted with Newcastle’s visor before it gets deployed.

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Storm Point Map Update

Everything New in Apex Legends Season 13: The Saviors

Apex Legends Season 13 Sowned Beast POI

A single new POI has been added to Storm Point, as well as new PvE locations. The body of the giant sea monster from the Season 13 launch trailer is still in Storm Point, and it is now known as the Downed Beast POI. It’ll provide more loot with the IMC armories that introduce PvE instances against Spectres.

The sea monster’s carcass is located between North Pad, Checkpoint, and The Mill. You can fight both inside and around it, as it forms the new POI called The Downed Beast. You can even go inside it or climb to the top of it, and some of the best loot is actually found inside its belly.

As seen in the image above, the beast will be surrounded by the same Ecological Cleanup and Hazard Outreach (ECHO) structures that can be found in Kings Canyon. These structures will provide even more opportunities to get around the outside of the beast.

IMC Armories & Smart Loot

Everything New in Apex Legends Season 13: The Saviors

Apex Legends Season 13 IMC Armories

Specters were first introduced in Titanfall and, here, they can be found inside four IMC armories across Storm Point. Once a team is inside an armory, it’ll seal up preventing third-party situations. Then, the waves of Spectres will attack for 60 seconds. The rarity of the loot will improve the more waves you complete within the 60-second timer.

The Smart Loot is a new addition that should greatly improve your chances of getting the boot you need and / or want when scouring maps. These containers are found inside the IMC Armories and will scan what gear you have and provide loot that you do not have, or upgrade the gear that you already have – much like Lifeline’s Care Package.

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Once the timer runs out in an armory, an escape route will be provided that launches a team into the air to redeploy. This is only optional though, as teams can still simply exit the armory in the same way that they enter.

Ranked Reloaded Changes

Everything New in Apex Legends Season 13: The Saviors

Apex Legends Season 13 Newcastle Stand

Ranked Mode is getting slightly revamped in what has been advertised as a “Ranked Reloaded” update, which brings plenty of changes to the existing norms that players are used to. This includes the addition of the new Rookie rank, the ability to get demoted, and RP adjustments.

The Rookie Rank has been added as an introductory tier underneath for Bronze for those who need to be eased into ranked play a bit more. But, with that comes demotions. Players will now drop down to 50% of the previous tier after three games where they fall below their current tier threshold. This means that a master rank would go down to 50% of Diamond 1, for example.

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In terms of RP, Respawn has decided that team play and kills should count for more. Now, when someone gets a kill, their teammates will receive 50% of the RP for it. Also, there is no RP cap for kills, but the earned RP will decrease with each kill and will be higher or lower depending on the rank of the opponent that was defeated. For all the specific numbers and details, you can check out Respawn’s Ranked Reloaded blog postGeneral Chat Chat Lounge

That’s everything you need to know so far about what’s new in Apex Legends Season 13: Saviors. We’ll be sure to update this article with information on weapon adjustments, Legend balance changes, and the Battle Pass when those details become available, along with the release of the patch notes.

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