When a Cheeky Nando’s visit was canceled, The Pokemon Scarlet and Violet May Be Thrown

South American restaurant chain Nando’s has become a beloved college in the United Kingdom. In fact, going to Nando’s to make a few of his signature spicy peri-peri chickens has even spawned its own British slang, the phrase “cheeky Nandos” thrown around to show that one’s soon to be a restaurant’s prosune day. What is Nando and Britain really doing with Pokemon?

According to a fan theory, according to VGC, this might be related to genesis for mainline Pokemon games. The Theory was the first popular on Twitter, but the theory suggests that a visit to Nando’s in London may have inspired the recently established Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

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The future titles, scheduled for release later this year, are known to be set in an Iberian-like world. While Nando is a South African chain, the dish is inspired by Portuguese origins. Matsuda said he visited Nando’s in London in 2019; Scarlet and Violet were planned for the time being.

This is all from the recent comments from Masuda and Shigero Ogmori that the idea that they had a rooster Pokemon could be a good addition to the series. The barcelos rooster is actually Nando’s mascot and logo.

To make this claim more credible, Masuda recently liked a tweet that mentions this visit to Barcelos. The theory says that Fuecoco, one of the new starters for Gen 9 is inspired by the African Bird’s Eye color, which appears on Nando’s menus and its branding. The new starter is a flammable Pokemon with various colors that look like chili peppers. However, what kind of chili can be found today.

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The Theory is more speculative and yet Nando’s might be an inspiration, and it’s important to note that the restaurant chain is inspired by the Portuguese cuisine, so much so that the country is increasingly provided with a cultural resource called Violet and Scarlet. But the new Pokemon game draws inspiration from Spain, which is an entirely new country – although Portugal does play a big role. If a trip to a South African restaurant, which sells some of the most Portuguese-inspired dishes in London, England, a Japanese game designer could have been the latest Pokemon Games of the Spark. Globes are often popular with local people in many countries.

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