When Does Returnal: Ascension Free Co-op Update Release?


Returnal originally launched the PS5 at the start of 2021, and its fast-paced combat and shooting for critical acclaim and praise of the received tons. The rogue-lite game has gotten a few updates since then, along with some quality-of-life improvements, but Housemarque has just announced its biggest free update yet: Ascension. Here’s all you need to know Returnal: Ascension’s release date and when you can expect it to drop.

When Does Returnal: Ascension Release?

Update 3.0, otherwise known as Ascension, is to be released March 22. This means that we are only less than two weeks away from returning to the brand-new content, giving players the chance to dive into this creepy sci-fi world and check out the all-new Tower of Sisyphus.


One of the headlining features of Returnal: Ascension is the introduction of a co-op mode. While this game is still a single-player adventure, players will be able to access a new Chronosis portal to join or host a public game, or start a session with a friend.

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In co-op mode, players will have the ability to revive each other when they go down, and atropos will be much more efficient.

Sisyphus of the Tower

In addition to the brand new co-op mode, Ascension also introduces the Tower of Sisyphus, which is essentially an endless mode of return.

In the Sisyphus of the Tower, you’ll be challenged with the challenge to clear up as many levels as possible. According to HousemarqueThere is no end to the Tower of Sisyphus, which means that your goal is simply to see how far you can push yourself before finally succumbing to your foes.

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Returnal: Ascension will be made available on March 22 for all users. Be sure to search Twinfinite or check our guide for more information on the game.

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