When Does the Saints Row Reboot Come Out?


The Saint Row series has been dormant ever since the release of the Gat Out of Hell DLC in 2015. While there has been a remaster of Saints Row: The Third, the series has seen a new game. It’s a new game for the extra-hyped. We’re here to tell you when the Saints Row reboot is expected to release.

When is the Saints Row Reboot for Release Date?

The Saints Row for The Reboot is set to release on Aug. 23, 2022, for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X | S. For PC players, the release of the Saints Row reboot will be exclusive to the Epic Games Store.

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As always, this date is subject to change. So far, the Saints Row of this soon-to-be iteration has already been delayed, as was originally the case on Feb. Rev. 25, 2022.

As for the future Boss, with Neenah, Kevin, and Eli on your side, you’ll take the form of Saints – and take on Los Panteros, The Idols, and Marshall as you build your empire across the streets of Santo Ileso and Battle the city. Ultimately, Saints Row is the story of a start-up company, it’s just the business of Saints.

The original Saints Row was released in 2006 exclusively for the Xbox 360, so this is a reboot made in 16 years.

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That’s all you need to know When is the Saints Row reboot for a release date. If the Saints Row: The Third Remastered, you can read our PC review on Hearing Our Thoughts.

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