When is the Hogwarts Legacy for the Release Date?


The Hogwarts Legacy has shrouded in mystery since it was announced over a year ago. We know it exists, but not much else. While there are some answers then, some people are wondering When is the release date for the Hogwarts LegacyWhat? Here’s everything we know so far.

Hogwart’s Legacy Release Date

hogwarts legacy release date

As of right now, there is no hard release date for Hogwarts Legacy, which is coming to PlayStation, Xbox and PC, but there is a release window. As of May, we’ve learned that the Hogwarts Legacy’s release date has narrowed down to Holiday 2022. That could still mean October, November, or December, but it’s certainly more specific than just 2022. In the video game world, most publishers want to Christmas shopping starts before Blackout and Thanksgiving in the US so they can get their games on the store. So if we had a guess, sometime around then a good guess, but we’ll update this post once we get to a hard date.

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However, keep your guard up for a potential delay until 2023. While the Hogwarts Legacy for a moment has been rumored, it just won’t be the first time a major game with a vague release window gets pushed into the following calendar year. Keep those expectations low so you don’t get disappointed.

That’s all you need to know about When the release date is for the Hogwarts Legacy. When something gets locked into the calendar, we’ll be sure to update this post.

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