Where Is Fade From Valorant (Nationality)


Riot Games has been busy supporting its popular tac-shooter, Valorant, since the game’s launch back in June of 2020, balancing its meta with various changes and adding new maps and ages. For its most recent major update, it’s the latter that has taken center stage, and she’s proving to be very effective. Given her popularity, then, it’s no wonder so many are curious for more information on this new initiator; Here’s what you need to know Where Fade is from Valorant and what her nationality is.

What is Fade’s Nationality in Valorant?

Fade is from Turkey and, moreover, from the country’s capital city, Istanbul. As such, you will hear many Turkish voice lines playing as well as Fade in a game of Valorant.

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If you were tuned into the build-up to Fade’s launch last month, then you probably have a bunch of clues to her nationality, many of which we went to in our featured article. They include clues such as the inclusion of Turkish coffee and Turkish delights in various artwork showcased in teaser trailers and articles. Not to mention, the images of her putting her hands on a spotlight on Henna Tattoo, an Arabic tradition that strongly suggests that Fade would come from that region.

For those familiar with the Valorant scene, you may be aware that the game is exceptionally popular in Turkey. That is probably why Riot Games has been included in an agent from the country, quite apart from the fact that it has, in general, tried to keep the roster as diverse as possible.

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That’s all there is to know about it where Fade is from Valorant and her nationality. We’ve just updated our latest article ranking all of Valorant’s Agents into Tears, so why not check out Fade Runks, our Opinion on?

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