Where to Get Normal Ship Parts Material in Lost Ark

When you approach the endgame in Lost Ark, you’ll need to be prepared to do lots of sailing to and from various islands in order to complete quests and new adventures. This means that you need a quality ship that won’t breakdown in order to reach those faraway lands. You can upgrade your ship to meet the requirements of long voyages, but you will need special materials. The materials you need are called Ship Parts, and this guide will explain where to get Normal Ship Parts in Lost Ark.

Where to Get Normal Ship Parts Material in Lost Ark

To get normal Ship Parts Material in Lost Ark, you need to find a Processor NPC, which is available in any major city, and then you will craft them there using basic resources.

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You can find Processor NPCs near the Business District in western Vern Castle or near the Harmony Plaza in eastern Luterra Castle. You will speak with a Processor NPC, then find the Part Materials section, which is by the bottom of the menu. This is where you will be able to craft Ship Parts Material using required resources.

Normal Ship Parts Material require 16 Timber, 16 Iron Ore, and 10 gold, and these create a bundle of 15 Normal Ship Parts Materials. You can gather timber using basic Life Skills of chopping wood and iron ore using basic Life Skills of mining. You will need to accumulate 10 Gold, which may be expensive, so make sure you only make what you need to avoid spending money too quickly.

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The process is the same for crafting Ship Parts Materials in Uncommon, Rare, and Epic varieties.

Pro tip: If you’ve struggling to find a Processor NPC, make sure to pull up your map using the shortcut “M” and searching for “processor” in the search bar ,. The map will automatically show the NPC to you so you can quickly make your way to them.

You can now upgrade your ship because you’ll know where to get Normal Ship Parts Material in Lost Ark. Be sure to check out more detailed information in the Lost Ark section of our website.

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