Who Is The Best Legend Of Apex Legends?


Apex Legends now features a large roster of characters that will continue to grow for the rest of the season. With so many options available for players to choose from, I’m sure you’re wondering who is the best Legend in Apex Legends.

Who Is the Most Useful Legend in Apex Legends?

First off, it needs to be said that there really is no single “best” Legend on the Rooster because it’s divided into four classes that specialize in all the different aspects of the gameplay. If you’re looking for the overall best Legends in the game, we’re covered as well.

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However, if you need to pick one to rest, Gibraltar would be the best Legend for my current pick.

Gibraltar is, simply, never a bad choice. His ability to keep the entire squad alive, even in the most out-of-control situations, puts him on the roster of rest.

Apex Legends Gibraltar

His fortified status gives him 5% less damage than most other characters. Add to that his Passive Ability Gun Shield, and he’ll survive even longer. Then, when looking out for the entire team of safety, his Tactical and Ultimate Abilities are where he shines.

The Dome of Protection creates a large shield that keeps everyone safe from damage, and while Mad Maggie has a counter to this, Gibraltar’s Dome Shield is still invaluable when you need a second strategy for heal, regroup, and plan.

The Defensive Bombardment Ultimate is both an offensive and defensive tool. It covers a wide area in the sky from explosive shots that cover the most opponents scrambling, giving your squad the option to attack or retreat.

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That’s all you need to know about who is the best Legend in Apex Legends. Check out our related Apex Legends coverage, including What’s New in Season 13: Saviors, Newcastle’s Abilities, Recent Patch Notes, and more.

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