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Who is the Hai Zhou of Jenshin Impact?

Did you think that Inazuma of Geneshine Impact has been missing something lately? Maybe some more mystery is in order? Well, sure, we’ve seen the gloomy depths of economics recently and there’s always going to be something going on at the Banton Sango Detective Agency, but we’re talking about some real sleeting. A real, deceptive detective to add to the ranks. Isn’t that great?

Well, good thing Hijou of Jenshin Impact May be here to save the day, then! Even if Inazuma people may not be so thrilled. Although we do not yet know much about this mysterious sleeve, there are still many Geneshine Impact leaks floating around, suggesting Genshin Impact Heizou Release Date May be closer than we thought. But what does he look like? What does his banner look like? And who is he? Here is everything we know so far.

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Who is Heijou of Jenshin Impact?

By now, we know that Heizou is a self-proclaimed detective working on the Tenro Commission of Genshine Impact. He is very rebellious and puts his personal priorities on government duties and his particular approach to investigation often leads to difficulties. As such, Inazuma does not have a good reputation among the people.

Genshin Impact Banton Sango Detective Agency

Ayaka of Jenshin Impact has a voicemail about him where she ‘Mr. Like Miss Kuzou, chicanoin belongs to the Tenroy Commission. He is very principled, sometimes even more assertive than Miss Kuzou. The only thing is, when the question arises as to what matters should be governed by his principles, I believe that only Mr. Shikanoin knows the answer … ‘

He was previously known to have links with the Banton Sango Detective Agency, although Sango now despises him and his extraordinary practices, calling him a ‘liar and Charlton’.

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When is the release date of Genshine Impact Hijou?

We do not yet have a confirmed release date for Hijou of Geneshine Impact, but Geneshine Impact leaks indicate that it will be coming soon after the 2.6 update. This makes sense since we expected to go to 3.0 to explore a new area in Sumer, so it only makes sense to bring this naughty detective out while Inazuma is still in sight.

What can we expect from the Genshine Impact Hijou banner?

As mentioned above, nothing has been set yet, but the Leakers 2.6 Geneshine Impact update suggests that Haizhou will be the four-star champion that comes with Genesine Impact’s iato.

What is Geneshine Impact Hijou Design?

At the moment, we have no information on what the Hijou design looks like, other than the fact that he has puberty / boy skeleton data similar to Bennett’s Genjin Shine Impact. However, we know that he rarely appears in his formal government attire.

The most recognizable Genshin Impact Heizou design actually came from the Fan Artist chimkennuggieee On Twitter, as seen above. This design was adapted by many fans and re-drawn several times, but was in no way associated with Miyo. This is very unfortunate, because this version of Hijou is absolutely adorable!

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And that’s all we’ve getting right now at Genshine Impact’s hijou, but we keep our Inazuman detective hats ready and update this guide whenever we find anything new. For now, check out our Geneshin Impact Skins guide to make sure your characters are stylish and check out our list of our most artistic Geneshin Impact artifacts for that extra oomph.

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