Who Is Winning the Destiny 2 Guardian Games?

The Guardian Games have kicked off Destiny 2, and that means players are likely to want to know which class is leading the charge in those hard-earned medallions at The Podium. In this guide, we’ll be explaining who’s winning the Destiny 2 Guardian Games Every day, when the results are announced.

Who Is Winning the Guardian Games?

As the Guardian Games have only just been announced today, Nobody is winning.

However, the official Destiny 2 Twitter account Will be announcing at 11am CT every day whether the Titans, Warlocks or Hunters are winning every day, so come check out there, or come back to this post as soon as we have everything you need. The information’s made available.

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Based off current engagement rates shared Announcing its blog post on Bungie This year’s Guardian Games, as it appears, are a game with a higher engagement rate than Hunter’s, with Warlocks in second and Titan’s flagging in third.

destiny 2 guardian engagement rates graph

While this does not mean the Hunter’s are winning, it does mean that the trend continues, they might have the edge.

How Do Guardian Games Work?

In previous years, players will be tasked with completing certain activities and mini quests called Contender Cards and Platinum Cards. These activities are flexible, so that you don’t need to log in at a specific time each day.

Completing Raids, Dungeons, and Competitive PvP Competitions like Trials of Osiris and Survival, with high-tier medallions with high-risk reward players.

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Completing drop-in content such as Gambit, Vanguard Strikes, Quickplay Crucible and Throne World activities at lower-tier medallions will reward you.

Gold medals can also be purchased by completing Contender Cards, while Platinum Medals are drop-in Platinum Cards. In other words, you do pretty much anything for medals or medallions.

New this year, however, is Strike Scoring, which factors Guardian Games playlists for only playing time. There are also Strike Medals which reward players for pulling off impressive gameplay feats, like taking out enemies with Shatter, or another particular move or special.

When you’ve racked up some medals and medallions, take them to the Tower of Podium and get them deposited.

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When Does Destiny 2 End the Guardian Games?

The Guardian Games will start today, May 3, and end May 24.

So what are you waiting for? Get grinding out those medals and lighting the torches!

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