Who Killed Irina in Elden Ring? Answered


While FromSoftware’s latest RPG features plenty of interesting questlines, many of them are obscure in design and mysterious in nature. You’ll never know for sure where to go next, how to trigger the correct sequence of events, or why a particular action will result in a final circumstance. One questline, in particular, is the result of confusion due to the fact that the same result appears to occur, and without an explanation. Well, we’re here to shed light who killed Irina in Elden Ring.

Who Killed Irina in Elden Ring? Answered

Who Killed Irina in Elden Ring?

Irina is a character you will meet just beyond the Bridge of Sacrifice, the Weeping Peninsula Side. She’s recognizable for her strange appearance, wearing a ribbon over her eyes, and blood with a dress stained. Irina warns the Tarnished about a rebellion in Castle Morne, and her questline is addressed to her father in a letter.

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Regardless of how you proceed, however, once her request is fulfilled, Irina is found dead with her father nearby. Unfortunately, this is all part of the questline. Irina is not as clear-cut as she is, but it is strongly implied that it is Leonine Misbegotten, the feral humanoid who must be killed as part of the quest.

Unfortunately, avenging Irina’s death by killing Leonine Misbegotten does not satisfy Edgar, and in his fury, he attacks the Tarnished Believers for Irina’s death.

Strangely, if you kill Leonine before giving up Misbegotten, Irina’s letter to Edgar she still dies, which appears to be a bug but when it comes to that, it is strongly enough that Leonine killed Irina, we can’t be sure.

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Can You Save Irina?

There is no way to save Irina. As mentioned above, no matter how much you change the sequence of steps in her questline, she still dies. If you really want her saved then avoid Irina and Leonine Misbegotten. The drawback to this, of course, is that you will miss the weapons and items associated with the questline, which are pretty decent.

That’s all you need to know who killed Irina in Elden Ring. For more useful tips and guides on the game, search Twinfinite.

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