Why some Fans would dislike Pokxc3xa9mon Scarlet and Violet’s new trainer designs?

Things are missing.

There’s a new Pokemon game, so there are also new trainers, as well as new starters. Whenever there is a new entry, there is always an unpopularity between those who think they are great and those who do not. But with Gen 9, it seems like more people are not exactly blown away.

The ideas that people call the web are boring and even too realistic. What is it? Sure, some people don’t like their dull uniforms, their floppy hats or their socks and sneakers combo. And there are so many possibilities that you can customize the characters to make them look more basic like the announcement. But, as the Japanese website says, the reason for this is to make some fans uncomfortable or unhappy with something else related.

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Take a look at the art developed by previous generations of trainers.

There are those trainers in the Pokemon Legends of the Sex. Don’t forget that.

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Now, as you look at all the Pokemon trainers for art, when do you notice anything like Scarlet and Violets? Isn’t it a bad outfit ?? That’s your hair, yeah. All of them have oval vision, irises and pupils.

However, the Pokemon Scarlet and Violets Trainers ’eyes are more rounded. This mark is a new design, which is why some fans may be mistaken for the duo as their subconscious. These eyes with the trainers of the pictures they don’t take.

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One fan pointed out that Pokemon Trainers for a new era. Maybe! So if you dislike your design and can’t show yourself why, well, that’s definitely the reason. Maybe you think their outfits are boring!

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will be on the Nintendo Switch later this year, with new eyes and all.

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