Will Pokemon Masters EX Be Canceled With Dragalia Lost?


Dragalia Lost marked Nintendo’s first foray into the realm of mobile gacha games when it was released back in 2018, but it was just this week that the game would be released in its final chapter after it was canceled and discontinued in July 2022. discontinuation, fans are worried and wondering If Nintendo’s other gacha game, Pokemon Masters EX, will be canceled as well. Here’s what you need to know.

Will Pokemon Masters EX Be Canceled?

At the time of writing, Nintendo has given no indication that Pokemon Masters EX is in danger of getting rid of Dragalia Lost. Of course, this may change, but at least for the time being, fans can rest assured that any money they may have put into the game is still intact and not in danger of disappearing anytime soon.

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That being said, it is not worth it that Nintendo has even shut down other mobile games in the past, including Dr Mario World, and other significant moves in the mobile market since then. With that in mind, it might be wise to be a bit more prudent with regards to spending real money on Pokemon Masters EX.

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While Pokemon is a much more popular IP than Dragalia Lost, it’s almost as plausible as it could be in the near future. We’ll keep this article updated if things change going forward.

For now, that’s all you need to know whether Pokemon Masters EX is getting canceled with Dragalia Lost. Be sure to search Twinfinite for more news and information on the game.

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