Wordle Answer 244: February 18, 2022 Word Solution

The Wordle answer 244 has been revealed for February 18, 2022. Today’s answer is a tough one, largely due to the repeated “P” letter. Even with a good starting guess, most users won’t be able to track down the duplicate letter until a later stage of the game. Need a bigger clue? Today’s word has two vowels, one in position 2 and one in position 4. Require even more assistance? Read on for the Wordle answer for number 244.

What is the Wordle answer 244? (February 18, 2022)

wordle answer 244

The Wordle answer 244 is “PUPAL.”

A “PUPAL” is “an insect in the non-feeding stage between the larva and adult, during which it typically undergoes a complete transformation within a protective cocoon or hardened case.”

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“PUPAL” is unlikely to be in most players’ vocabulary, making it a tough answer to recognize in the jumble of Wordle letters. What’s more, the two instances of “P” make it even trickier. Thankfully, the two vowels, “U” and “A,” should be found pretty easily and may help put players in the right direction.

For those who are still struggling to get the answer, provided you aren’t playing Hard Mode where guesses are limited by the need to keep using confirmed letters, finding the answer is just a matter of eliminating as many incorrect letters as possible. This is best done by guessing every letter of the alphabet at least once.

Looking for even more Wordle today? Then have a read of this guide on how to play the previous day, past, and future games. Or, if you want to retry today’s puzzle, simply open an Incognito tab or clear your browser cookies for a new save.

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