Wordle Answer 247: February 21, 2022 Word Solution

the wordle answer 247 has been confirmed for February 21, 2022. Today’s answer is an easier one (finally!). Though many starting words won’t immediately uncover a bunch of letters, the sheer fact that this is a common word that’s used in everyday conversation should help it stand out to many players. Need a hint? Today’s word has two vowels in positions 1 and 4. Require more help? Then read on for the Wordle answer for number 247.

What is the Word answer 247? (February 21, 2022)

wordle answer 247

The Wordle answer 247 is “OTHER.”

“OTHER” means “a different or additional one the others came later” or “one that remains of two or more” or “a thing opposite to or excluded by something else went from one side to the other nature as the other of culture. ” (Definition from Merriam-Webster.)

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While “OTHER” is a relatively simple answer when compared to other Wordle solutions, it can still be tricky for those who don’t use a good starting word. Incorporating a lot of vowels into the first one or two guesses will help narrow things down. this should help lock the “O” and “E” into place. Then it’s a case of finding the “T” and “R,” which are the two other common letters. It’s likely the “H” that will stump most players, though hopefully the word itself will stand out at that point.

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Those still having trouble getting the answer will want to fully utilize the six guesses to eliminate as many incorrect letters as possible. Provided you aren’t playing on Hard Mode where guesses are limited by being forced to use confirmed letters in every subsequent guess, it’s best to use as many different letters as possible, to lower the number of potential solutions, before making that final good guess .

Hunting for even more Wordle action today? Then have a look at this guide on how to play the previous day, past, and future games. Or, if you want to retry today’s puzzle, simply open an Incognito tab or clear your browser cookies for a new save.

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