WoW Classic Season: Enter the Zul’Gurub March 3, 2017

Prepare to Go Over The Gates of ZulGurub in The WoW Classic Season Mastery on March 3!

In the Stranglethorn Vale of the Jungles, a holy ancient ritual in distant drums, giving forth the Blood God, Hakkar to the ancient troll city of Zulgurub. Almighty dragons ascend to the east side of the jungle.


Stranglethorn of the Jungles Deep – An Unstoppable Hazard for a Troll-like City Hail. Do you need to delve into his mysteries? Assemble hardy explorers on a high-level, 20-player raid course and offer a collection of rare, epic items and a collection from its tree-lined avenues and their lost temples.

Cove: 13 yen cysokes: 12 o’clock.
Level: 60.
Location: Stranglethorn Vale
Reputation: Zandalar Tribe.
Instance repair: 3 days, reloading a report.

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Getting There

The entrance to ZulGurub is located just east of Nazferiti, in Stranglethorn. The Horde are able to fly into the Gromgol Base Camp and go north to reach the Dungeon. Alliance players will have to head south before heading to the lake.

Boss Encounters

Among these are three bosses, 13 of which are all in ZulGurub; The other four are in a rotating position, called the Edge of Madness encounter, so you may try to register with a boss.

Taking a beating in Hakkar, you should start with five years and a strong chance of success. If you leave the house, they’ll give their powers to a Bloodevation God, making him impossible. They can be defeated in any order and each has a chance to drop rewards that your party may find useful on your journey through ZulGurub.

  • Arlokk’s High Priest is Arlokk.
  • Jeklik, High Priest.
  • Ida-a-Pallais Sao, eldest priest.
  • Thekal, the highest authority of the priest.
  • Hehes Priest Veloxane.
  • Bloodlord Mandokir
  • Jindo the Hexer.
  • Gahzranka
  • The edge on the image is changed weekly.
    • Grilek
    • Hazzarah
    • Renataki
    • Wushoolay
  • Hakkar
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Congratulations to Victor.

ZulGurub, a combined 5 epic pieces of gear with a plethora of rewards awaits quest rewards with the Zandalar Tribe. If fortune favors you, it’s also possible to collect Swift Razzashi RaptorandSwift Zulian Tigermounts.

Nightmare of Dragons are Nightmare of Dragons.

Something in the Emerald Dream is a mess. The red dragonflight were sighted guarding the Portals of the Great Trees, but these noble creatures have been imbued with an ominous new presence, and in peace have been known to him. For the sake of the dragon’s nightmare, you must call forth your most staunchly allies, their powers are formidable, and will not hesitate to crush any one who draws near us.

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For more information, see our guide with Owlheads.

Sources: Blizzard.

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